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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Wheels, cars and fun

The last two days have been awesome! I'm going to have to break it down...

The Rav 4

We're looking at getting a new car before Neil's no claims bonus expires. Last time, we could only get 20 minute test drives from Ford and Kia and ended up buying a car that is okay but not great. So this time, we're only considering makes where we can get an overnight test drive.

So we collected the Rav 4 on Friday evening after work and drove it all around my work area. Then yesterday morning, we drove it down to Newark. Newark? Yes, because that's where Loopwheels are based.


I already have my freewheel, which enables me to go over rough surfaces without too much difficulty. Last year, when we went to the Mobility Roadshow, I tried some Loopwheels and liked them but at that time, I had my old chair and my priority was getting a new chair. This year, I got a quote for some Loopwheels. Okay, they're expensive. It's a new product (2013) and a lot of work has gone into designing them. They are wheels with a carbon fibre suspension system built in. As an added bonus, they look dead cool!

Me trying out Loopwheels with the owners of the company in the background.

A close up of the Loopwheels

The owners met us there specially. They don't normally open on Saturdays. We were there ages, had a really good try-out of the wheels - on gravel, grass, cambers, curbs, etc. I loved them! I ordered them. They'll be here on Friday!!!

Back to the Rav

Having driven the Rav quite a long way on every road type we could find, I have to say I really like it. There's loads of space - I could install an ensuite bathroom and still have room for passengers! From the driver's seat, the bonnet looks massive! I like a substantial car but this is bigger than we really need. The fuel economy was excellent - Neil was quite relaxed and even let me have the air-con on. The boot was enormous too! We could put my wheelchair in with the wheels on and there was still more than enough room for all my other stuff, plus luggage, a dog, some passengers, etc.


Immediately after taking the Rav back, we collected a Hyundai Tucson. This was one of the cars we drove at Silverstone a few weeks ago. We popped home for some extra clothes, as the weather looked decidedly threatening, and then headed through the East Riding to Scarborough to see the boys.

It's not quite as big as the Rav but still plenty big enough for our needs. It has several quirky features. For example, it tells you the speed limit on the dashboard and is remarkably quick to change when you pass a new sign. Also, it has 'lane assist'. It detects lane markings and tries to keep you within them. You can easily override this steering back into lane but if you cross the line, it sounds an alarm.

Fun with my boys

I'll write a separate update about my hiking achievements, because the BBC aren't supposed to like advertising and this post is full of it! We went to Scarborough though, met the boys on the beach, took them out for fish 'n' chips and then went for a walk past the Spa. It was just lovely to spend an evening together, having fun, laughing, catching up, etc.

Picture of me wheeling along, being photobombed my my sons

Picture of me being hugged and/or photobombed

I wish we'd got some video footage of me bombing it down some of the hills. Next time, maybe.

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