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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Make Your Move

A couple of weeks ago, I was doing my morning physio and half watching BBC breakfast to catch the news. As the news finished, there was an advert about Make Your Move. It's a BBC campaign to get people to be a bit more active. The ad made it look fun and I haven't been that active recently, so when I'd finished my physio, I went to the website and took their quiz to find out which challenge would be best for me.

The questions weren't great. They were aimed at able bodied people and the outcome was that I should take up hula hooping. Some days, I'd have just ignored it and moved on but I was feeling a bit bolshy and I tweeted them...

Tweet about lack of thought for disabled people

Well, they engaged me in conversation and suggested the YMCA challenge instead. I groaned inwardly, as I remembered Neil dancing round Aldi a few months ago because YMCA had come on their store music. Then I had a look and tried it.

BBC girl doing YMCA dance
From BBC Make Your Move
It's quite short and as I drank my morning coffee, I joined in. It's now become part of my morning routine. It's got me thinking about getting more active again. I've started swimming again a few times a week before work.

Being active with a disability is definitely not easy. It's not that I can't do things. It's just that my body often hurts in at least one or two places, I'm often tired after work, and we're quite busy a lot of the time. It's really important to do what I can though. The last week, I have had more energy after exercising. It's also put me in a good mood before going to work and that is really important to me because I love my job and I want to create a good atmosphere in my adult learning centres.

So even if you find exercise difficult, try to find something that you enjoy and can do without hurting yourself.

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