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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Well that escalated quickly!

My two sons use this phrase when something has been ticking along quite nicely and then suddenly grows in significance or size. Usually, they say it to make me laugh and often to get them out of trouble. Well, I think it sums up what has just happened...

My last post was about doing the BBC Make Your Move YMCA challenge. I tweeted a link (as you do) and over the weekend the BBC got in touch and after a few phone calls, they've invited me to become one of their ambassadors - yikes! No pressure! I wasn't expecting that but I'm really excited about the opportunity to inspire others and prove that the only limitations we have to achieving something are in our minds.

I was finding the YMCA challenge quite easy and not really that challenging, so I took this opportunity to engage with one that would be a proper challenge. So here I go with Take a Hike. Well, obviously I'm not going to do much walking but I am going to adapt the challenge for my part-time wheelchair use. I will do a little bit of walking (I use my chair as a zimmer frame) but mostly, I'll be self-propelling and building up my strength and stamina, so that I can go further. Ultimately, I really would love to participate in a 5K race. I have my trusty freewheel so if I want, I could even do an off road race.

By doing this challenge, I'll be facing some fears (more on that in a tick), working on my mental stamina and continuing the battle to convince my brain that the nerve pains that attack my foot are not real.

I'm starting this challenge at the beginning of summer. Everyone who knows me knows that I hate summer. I'm terrified of wasps and bees... and nettles (though they are easier to avoid) and I don't cope well with heat. Some of my training will be indoors (to minimise stress) but I want to do an outdoor session at least twice a week. This will get me ready for when I'm matched with an assistance dog (I'm on the waiting list) and will hopefully remind me that being outdoors in summer isn't as bad as I think.

I'd love to say that I was skinny as a rake before my injury but no, I've been overweight since having my babies (who are now adults). Recently I've been trying to diet a bit but my resolve is weak. I know from previous experience that when I exercise more, my willpower (or won't-power) increases too. So I'm hoping that as I build my physical stamina, I'll also build a resistance to the temptation of chocolate.

Over the next day or two, I'm going to work out a workout plan. I'll post it here. If you want to take and adapt it, I would be chuffed to bits! Also, if you feel inspired to join me in this challenge, please get in touch. Either comment below or tweet me @finnberrys.

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