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Friday, 1 July 2016

Loopy about my new Loopwheels!

I have been so excited this week, after ordering my new wheels on Saturday! I knew they were due to arrive today and all day, I've been checking my phone in the hope that Neil would have Whatsapped me to say they were here. Eventually, just as I was leaving work, they arrived.

I should have done an unboxing video really but I only thought about that afterwards. I wanted to get them straight on my chair and test them out. I went for a quick spin round the block and they work! Neil is less excited about this than I am. He apparently knew they would work because they are round and that's what makes wheels work. Deep sigh!!!

So aren't they beautiful?!?!?!

My new Loopwheels

Oh, I should probably explain what is so good about them. They are designed with suspension built into the wheel, so when I go over bumps or uneven surfaces, they should take the vibrations and shocks out before it gets to my back. Given that I feel everything through my lower back, any improvement has got to be good!

My new Loopwheels

You can get them in loads of different colours. I chose white to match my wheelchair and because white is my favourite colour. It's the colour of snow and I love snow!

My new Loopwheels

I'm just working out when I can get out for a really long ride. I was hoping to go this evening but we've got someone coming to give us a quote for doing the garden and then we're going to collect Andy from his uni house. Tomorrow I'm at work most of the day but might be able to go out later. We'll have to see.

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