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Tuesday, 22 September 2020


 Many years ago, I loved camping. By camping, I'm talking old fashioned 6-berth frame tent, with kitchen and bedrooms inside... and a toilet tent with portapotti outside. When the boys were tots, we often used to go camping with my little brother. I loved it! Then, following an extremely wet weekend and trying to roll canvas with rivers of mud flowing over it, we became caravanners. It was different but had the added bonus of feeling much safer, and it did the job for many years. 

Then we went through a posh spell of cruises and skiing holidays and that was kind of how we ended up living in Finland. 

Now, I've wanted to try motorhoming for quite a while but was undecided about whether we would be best with a campervan (who doesn't love a classic VW?) or a huge motorhome. So we've spent a while looking at what's out there and trying to think what would meet my needs best.

Meet Zerubbabel

Okay, I have done it! I have named my beast! 

Side view of a large motorhome with a big back door wide open.

Isn't she beautiful?!!

How does she meet my needs?

1. There are good sturdy handles at all entrances - perfect for heaving myself up and in.

2. At the back is a huge garage, big enough to take both my wheelchairs and luggage too.

View into the garage at the back, showing my mountain trike and Liggy's bed and long lead.

3. It has a fixed bed at the back, that I can get into and out of by lifting myself on my arms. Because it's fixed, it can stay made up.

4. The toilet is high enough for me and the shower is a separate cubicle and has a little seat. 

5. The driver and passenger seats both have really good lumbar support.

Trips away

We've had a one-nighter, just to check that everything worked okay, so next time, we're going for a weekend. Looking forward to nice long walks and maybe a day out at a socially distanced attraction. I'll post again when we've been.