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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Response to my open letter

I'll say one thing for Andrew Percy... He pretty much always replies to emails and FB messages within a very short time. I had an email from his office the next working day after posting my open letter and basically he is raising the various issues with different people/organisations.

Access to local walks

As a result of my MP contacting the council on my behalf, I had an email today from the Countryside Access Officer, who we have actually met before. Just over a year ago, we did a walk in Market Weighton with her, to help assess how wheelchair accessible it was and to identify any improvements that could be made. Obviously, we then had a pandemic, so nothing has actually changed yet but it is in the pipeline.

Anyway, she contacted me today about the A frame barriers, as it is apparently policy NOT to use them now. It sounds like the ones in use are on other people's land but she is going to contact them and ask about having them changed.

Also, now I know she is responsible for my area, I can contact her if I find other barriers to access. 

Thanks so far

So I just wanted to put it out there, that I got a response and I know what Andrew Percy is doing to try to help. It doesn't surprise me at all that the first response from that was the Countryside Access Officer. Our previous connections with her were very positive and I am sure she will try to improve things for us.

I haven't heard anything about the state of pavements yet. This is another of the local issues, but I suspect it may be tied in with another local issue that is brewing at the moment... so I'll try to be patient.

The national issues around PIP and the Blue Badge scheme - hmmmm - they are being taken up with the DWP. I can't say I'm overly hopeful. I know others have raised many issues around this and nothing has changed. Even if the Blue Badge issue could be resolved though, that would be something. I am actually baffled that someone didn't see a problem with that to start with!

So, if you read this, thank you to Andrew Percy and your team for responding to my letter. Please keep me updated and take any opportunity to raise the PIP issue at Westminster.