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Saturday, 5 December 2015


I first tried out the freewheel at the Mobility Roadshow in June. We went there with the aim of trying out off-road wheelchairs but somewhat unexpectedly, I didn't like them. They didn't handle well and knowing that whatever chair I settled for would have to be right for all circumstances - indoor and out, work and leisure - I wasn't happy with what I tried.

Then I had a go in a rigid frame chair with a freewheel. The chair was too small for me and very tight, so that wasn't very comfortable but I could tell immediately that the freewheel was really good. It took me a while to save up for a new chair and the attachment but now I have it, I can confirm that it is really useful!

Today, for example, we went into town to enjoy a Christmas event and just get some fresh air and exercise. Town is quite flat and wheelchair friendly but there's always little curbs, lumps and bumps, drains, etc. This video hopefully shows how smooth the ride is and how easy it is to propel along. At some point I'll add a clip to show how easy it is to attach and remove but for now, this should be good.

Next time, I'll wear something slightly more flattering but it is a really windy day and keeping warm was the priority!

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