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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Christmas Calories

This morning, someone shared a link on Facebook about how wheelchair users struggle to keep their weight under control. It was recommending eating less and exercising more - not exactly rocket science!

So today, in spite of Frank heading our way and even though I wasn't feeling very well, I went for a walk in Morden Hall Gardens (near where we have been staying). It was pretty windy and threatening to rain but we did manage a reasonable walk. 

My mother-in-law, out for a walk with us

Another surface that requires my freewheel

Usually, if we are out for a walk together, Neil likes to push me but that wouldn't have helped with all those Christmas calories, so I did most of the hard work myself today. The only time I let him help was when trying to cross bridges. Some of them were just too steep and I felt vulnerable to tipping over backwards and others had a slight step up. I managed to get the front wheel up but the back wheels wouldn't follow.

I know most people prefer summer for parks and gardens but I love how it all looks in the winter:

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