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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Service

As promised, here are some pics of my wheelchair having its Christmas service.


My brakes are a bit fiddly to adjust. You have to either crawl under the chair or turn the whole thing upside down. There are two allen key adjusters that have to be loosened and then you can wiggle the brakes from side to side and up and down. If you loosen them too much though, they all fall apart and then it's a right mission trying to get them back in the right position. I've found it's better to go for little by little. The aim is to get the brake about 5mm from the tyre.

Back support

I need good lumbar support and this is provided through tightening and loosening the back straps. First you have to peel back the padding. Mine is all velcro, so it's quite easy to do.

Then I sit in my chair and feel which strap is the one where my back needs extra support. Count up from the bottom (or down from the top). Then undo that velcro.

Pull that one really tight and then stick it back down. Check that all the others are a little bit looser. Then sit in and check it before putting the back padding back.

Check everything's fastened properly

My chair is all held together with allen key bolts. This means that they do eventually work themselves loose. So it's worth checking that they are all nice and tight.

There! All ready for Christmas! Have a good one folks!

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