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Saturday, 4 January 2020

Making the world a better place

When I started this blog, my focus was mainly on wheelchairs, how to choose and use a wheelchair, improving the image of the humble wheelchair and other mobility aids. I've also looked at travel, holidays, days out and general examples of good and poor access.

We have just entered a new year... in fact, a new decade. It is 2020. I feel the need to be positive right now. It is too easy to find what is wrong with the world, to criticise and complain. Seeing the good and promoting the right behaviours is more difficult. It has to be a conscious choice. So that's what I'm going to try and do in my next few posts. I don't know whether that will last a day... a week... a month... a year... or even a decade. It matters not! I'm just going to either highlight specific examples of how people have got it right, or offer positive advice on what makes for a better world.

Beginning a new job

My Facebook memories inform me that exactly a year ago, I visited my new workplace for the morning. The aim was to assess the offices and decide what reasonable adjustments were needed. It's the 4th January. I was due to start work on 28th January. They planned ahead. They were proactive. They didn't wait to find out what might go wrong. They took action to ensure that as much as possible would go right. They ordered the right chair, checked doors, toilets, bins, etc. When I started on 28th January, everything was already in place.

Positive action

Plan ahead. Don't wait until an adjustment needs to be made. It could be too late by then. Look at what changes could be made right now. Do it now.

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