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Monday, 28 March 2016

Are we just an afterthought?

I saw a BBC news article this week, with the headline:

Disabled people 'only an afterthought', Lords report says

Click on it to read and watch a short video clip. It highlights a number of accessibility issues that disabled people face. I was slightly surprised because I think there probably has never been an easier time or place to be a wheelchair user. 

Well, this got me thinking it might be time for an experiment. I've ordered a camera attachment for my wheelchair and I'm going to start recording some of my experiences - both good and bad - and share them. Please feel free to comment on your own experiences of positive and negative accessibility.

Camera attachment

Meanwhile, with what's left of today, I need to try to find somewhere in Goole where I could exercise a dog off lead in a fenced off area. I need to do this before I can complete my Canine Partners process and get on the waiting list.

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