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Saturday, 30 January 2016

OT Home Visit

Having got through the assessment day with Canine Partners, I was expecting a bit of a wait for the Occupational Therapist to call to do our home visit assessment. She rang though on Thursday evening and she's coming today, at 10 o' clock. That feels very soon.

The visit is due to take around 3 hours. I don't really know what she wants to see. I'm very nervous. The main thing I'm nervous about is that in my own home is where I'm most mobile. I don't even use a stick all the time at home, only when my legs are really bad. I hope she doesn't decide that I'm not bad enough to need a dog.

I got sent another long form to fill in. I've filled in as much as I can but as usual, there are some questions that I'm not sure what to put.There are questions about perception, spacial awareness and spasms. I don't know what to put for those. My spacial awareness isn't great unless it's the only thing I'm concentrating on. I do have a tendency to walk into things, misjudge the widths of doorways, etc but I don't think that is connected with my condition. I think I'm just a little bit clumsy.

There are a lot a questions to help them care for you during the 2 week residential course. They want to know about night care, being turned in bed, help with toileting and other quite personal things. All those personal care things depend on what adaptations there are. I vary between completely dependent and completely independent, depending on the environment. At home, I shower completely independently but when we were on holiday in Wales, Neil had to come in with me and help me with everything.

It's Saturday morning, so I need to crack on with study but I'll let you know how it goes.

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