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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Dogs, bathrooms and pillow hats

Today was my assessment day with Canine Partners. I was really nervous about it but I needn't have been. Laura, the lady who was working with me, was lovely and really made me feel at ease. She got me doing some basic tasks with several different dogs. Some were really lively but most were very calm and well behaved. There were several other members of staff there, training dogs to do various things. The atmosphere was lovely. The dogs all seemed happy and their tails were wagging whenever they were working. To them, it was all a big game!

The last dog I worked with was called Hazel. She was beautiful! Black lab puppy, gentle, with big brown eyes. Afterwards, while we were going through paperwork, she laid down next to my chair and fell asleep. I think we must have tired her out! I wish I'd thought to take a picture of her. I'd be quite happy to have a dog like her to work with.

This afternoon, I made the journey south, arriving at the hotel just after six. The room here isn't as good as last night's but I knew that before I came. Unfortunately, they don't have any wet rooms here, so I have to make do with a shower over bath. If ever you have to do the same, it's worth asking at reception for a non-slip mat. Staff don't always know that they have them, but they usually do.

My only disappointment last night was the absence of pillow hats. This has become a family tradition. Whenever we stay at a Premier Inn, we take a photo of one of us, wearing the cardboard cover from the pillows. They look rather like sailor hats. We did it once and it stuck. Last night though, there was no pillow hat to be found.

Tonight though, we're back in business! At first, I couldn't see it but it was hiding under the duvet.

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