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Saturday, 16 January 2016

He will have a week off!

A week or two back, Neil went down to London for some work meetings and to see his dad, who's in hospital. I am really pleased that he is more relaxed about leaving me home alone for a few days. When we lived in a flat and we couldn't adapt it, he avoided leaving me home alone in case I had an accident or couldn't manage.

This house is much better. We're starting at the top and making it really disability-friendly, whilst hopefully looking like a smart, modern, family home, rather than an old-folks home or hospital. We've done the bathroom - converted it into a walk-in shower room, with a comfort-height toilet, beautiful rain shower and chrome grab rails. Having that done makes such a difference! I haven't had any slips, falls or jarring my back since it was finished. Hopefully within the next few weeks, the stairs and landing will be finished and we can get the stair lift installed. I'm really not great with stairs.

Unfortunately though, it'll be a while before we do the kitchen and that means I can't prepare meals independently at the moment. I'm alright with a light lunch or a bowl of cereal but not a proper meal. So before Neil went away, he made sure there were meals ready for me to reheat. He also got all the washing and ironing up to date. I appreciate that so much but I worry that even when he's going away, he's not getting a break from being a carer.

I'm hoping next week will be different! I'm going away from Monday to Saturday, leaving him home alone. I hope it will give him a week where he doesn't have to worry about me or do everything. The only downside is that he'll have to walk to work, so I hope it doesn't rain constantly.

As for me, I'm going to the Midlands for an assistance dog assessment day. I'm excited and really nervous, in equal measure. Then I'm going to London for a big education-technology conference. I'm looking forward to that so much and because he knows I'm going to be in a safe environment with food and drink available to buy and parking onsite and an accessible hotel room, he will have to just have a week off!

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