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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Got my Freewheel back

You may remember that several months ago (July), my Freewheel broke. Now don't get me wrong, I know that I have a lovely wheelchair that is easy to get around in and I am very grateful for that but having a Freewheel enables me to go further and do things that I can't do easily without it. I know that sometimes things break and have to be fixed or replaced but this just didn't happen as it should and we ended up having to get quite shirty with Recare, who had originally supplied it.

Now that the matter is sorted, we know what went wrong. My Freewheel was originally set up by Recare... by a bloke who no longer works there... but it was set up incorrectly, with a significant missing part, that we knew nothing about. We should perhaps have suspected something when we sent it back and Freewheel (via Recare) apparently accused us of misusing it. Well we got new parts to replace the broken part. We did research online and discovered information about the missing part. Eventually, we contacted Recare and explained what the issue was and eventually agreed with them that they would send a completely new, boxed Freewheel and we would set it up ourselves. Even then, that came with warnings (bordering on threats) about how we would have no comeback if we set it up and it broke again. I think they still thought it was our fault!

Well it came just over a week ago and last weekend, I used it again for the first time. It felt so lovely and smooth. Rough ground was like nothing! We went for a family walk in some of my favourite places that would have been really difficult without it. So I just want to share today that I'm very grateful that I have this dandy little attachment...

Photo of me propelling myself up a hill in the cemetary
 Photo of me smiling because I'm loving the ride!

Photo of me pausing at the top of a steep hill down to the beach.

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