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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Adaptive skiing lesson 6

It was really busy last evening, when I had my 6th lesson! The slope was partially cordoned off for freestyle stuff - jumps and pipes - so parts of the slope were quite narrow. The combination of obstacles, a lot of people and lots of lumps and bumps in the snow made for a challenging lesson.

Adam had got the new lift pull working and it is much better than the old system! In the video, when I'm at the top, you can just see a yellow strap, lying loose around my legs. That is what now pulls me up the lift. When we get to the top, there's a catch on the handles at the back and Adam just pulls it (like a bike brake) and off it pops. Unlike the previous system that bursts off and hits you on the head and then has to be totally taken off and carried down, this just reattaches and you can ski down with it in place, ready to get back on the lift.

Thanks to Dan (the only helper to come back a 2nd time) for videoing when it was so busy.

Neil also had a snowboard lesson at the same time as my lesson. He looked to be doing well. He's on the main slope now but mainly from half way. I passed him a few times but I was concentrating on not taking out any kids or crashing into anything, so we didn't chat much.

I've got the hang of moving myself around now. Although I'd feel a little nervous about going up the lift on my own, I'm pretty sure I could get to it and get on by myself. The pull that I would use for getting off is tricky though, so Adam's going to work on some adaptation to make that better. Then, next lesson, the plan is to go at a quieter time and learn to do the bottom half by myself - lift and no tethers. That is a really scary thought but exciting at the same time! It's easy to take risks and just go for it when you know someone has got hold of you but ultimately, I want to ski free.

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