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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Getting ready

I'm a little limited in what I can post at the moment but I have now been matched with a Canine Partner, subject to her passing her advanced training. Until this has been confirmed and her puppy parents notified, I can't post her picture or name. So let's focus on a different aspect...

Dog food

Neil and I went for an exploratory visit to Pets at Home this afternoon to check out food, treats, toys, beds, poop scoops, etc. It was all very exciting! I had never realised how many different types of dog food there are. We know that all Canine Partners eat dry food, so that narrows it down a little but there's different foods for puppies, adults, mature dogs and overweight dogs.

So, there's the doggy equivalent of Weight Watchers...

Weight Watchers dog food

Regular food for adults but who have expensive taste...

Adult smoked salmon dog food

And the senior citizens' daily special...

Dog food for senior citizens

Obviously, we don't need to buy food yet but I had to buy something to make it all feel real. It's a bit like buying baby stuff when you first find out you're pregnant. So...


When I went for my matching visit, I rediscovered something that I have always known but recently forgot... I throw like a girl! Yes, I know, it's embarrassing, but I can't throw a ball in anything like an acceptable manner. Hence, the first toy I think we must have is a ball lobber. This is closely followed by a frisbee.

A pink ball lobber and a purple frisbee


We soon discovered that food and toys are reasonably priced. Treats though!?!?!? Oh my word! Well pricey! I shall be heading online to find some kind of bulk buy. Meanwhile, I've got a treat bag to keep them in. I found some of the ones I used on the assessment and matching days quite difficult to get my hand in but this sort was quite easy and clips on your trouser waistband.

Treat bag

So, here's hoping and praying that the little doggy will work hard at Big School (the colloquial name for advanced training) and that we'll be spending the first two weeks of November learning how to work together.

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