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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Still making my move

During June and July, I took part in a BBC Get Inspired challenge called 'Make Your Move'. The aim was to become more active by getting out for a walk every day... or in my case, a roll. I did the challenge for 30 days but what then?

Google Fit, telling me we travelled 1.9 km in 15 mins.Well, I enjoyed being more active and sometimes pushing myself quite close to my limits but at this time of year, with all that sun and wasps, there was no way I was going to keep it up through the summer. About that time, Neil and I decided that we really must lose some weight and we found the NHS Choices diet. We're now coming to the end of week 4. I can't claim that it's a magic diet where you can eat what you want and lose 3 stone in a fortnight, but we have both lost about a stone in the last 4 weeks, partly through counting calories and being more aware of how much we eat and partly through more exercise.

We're back to swimming several times a week, which I absolutely love. At the moment, I close my eyes as I glide through the water and imagine myself competing in the Paralympic games. We swim in the slow lane because it is wider and you get kicked less, so we regularly overtake our fellow athletes, which feels amazing!

On cooler evenings though, we still go to the park for a burst of exercise. Tonight was fun with the strong wind. We went full pace for 15 minutes, with my Spotify playlist singing out from my pocket. "... and I would roll 500 miles..." (yeah, right!)

So here's some pics Neil took of me zooming round the park. When he took these, I was riding into the wind, hence the strange face I'm pulling.

Motion shot of my seriously cool Loopwheels

Fighting against the wind

Forcing a smile as I zoom past

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