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Monday, 2 May 2016

Stavanger on wheels

I shall be posting more detailed information about cruising and wheelchairs when I get home and have unlimited internet again. This is just a quick post from my phone.

Today, we're in Stavanger. It's a lovely city but for wheelchair users, it would be a bit of a nightmare unless you go prepared. Much of the city is cobbled or decorative stone pavements and front casters could easily get caught. Fortunately, we brought my freewheel, which made it much easier.

The city is also quite hilly but there are some good things to do without climbing, if you look carefully.

We went to the cathedral first. It's up a steep hill but Neil pushed me. It's named after St Swithen, which seemed appropriate, as it was chucking it down. Some arty chap called Andrew Smith made a lot of carved epitaphs there. I'm guessing he wasn't Norwegian.

Then we went to the petroleum museum. That had great access. I got in for free as a disabled person and Neil got in cheap. It worked out at about a fiver for both of us. I'm quite interested in oil and organic chemistry so it was a good visit.

It's the place with the yellow flags outside and the round buildings in the photo.

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