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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Brief History

I'll try to keep a long story very short, to explain how come I'm a part-time wheelchair user.

From Feb 2009 to Aug 2013, we lived in Oulu, a lovely city in the north of Finland. While we were there, we built a house (as you do) and while we were building, I hurt my back. Then, one day, I got a static shock off a plastic plant at work and very soon, I was in a proper pickle! I couldn't move and I had the worst pains in my left leg. Fairly soon, I lost sensation down the side of my leg and in some other places that I shouldn't mention. I realised too late that I had cauda equina syndrome (CES) and had surgery to remove a badly prolapsed disc but it was too late. Nerve damage to my leg and saddle meant some serious changes and we ended up back in the UK, trying to work out how to muddle through without going crazy.

So here's the new me. Sometimes I use a stick:

Other times I use my wheelchair:

Only that was my old wheelchair. Now I've got a super-duper new snazzy one, which I'll be using from now on and that's the one I'll be using to pass on some tips on how to get around and how to begin to feel normal again.

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